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Lani's Journal

I'm Talking & Can't Shut up

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14 November 1980
I'm a sweet, loving person who loves to sing, write and draw. I'm a bisexual wiccan who is liberal in views. I have a pet rabbit and 2 cats. I currently live with my mother helping her out with stuff. I love alot of different kinds of music as well as shows. If you'd like to get to know me better please feel free to drop me a line. If anyone knows who created any of the icons I put unknown under please let me know. I'll try and find them again so I can credit them but I don't know how much luck I'll have.

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Date Created:2006-04-08
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I'm a 25 year old Bisexual Wiccan. I love shows like Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Stargate: Atlantis, CSI, CSI:NY, CSI: Miami, X-Files, Whose Line is it Anyway?, A-Team, Quantum Leap, and Star Trek. Some of my favorite people are Greg Proops, Vincent D'Onoforio, Gary Sinise, William Petersen, Paul Guilfoyle, Jeff Davis, Dan Aykroyd, Dean Stockwell, George Peppard, Dwight Schultz, and Brad Sherwood.
Strengths: Friendly, Loyal, Generous, sweet, loving, kindhearted, a good friend.
Weaknesses: I dislike bigots, snobs, Homophobic, arrogant people who think they are god.
Special Skills: Writing Fan fiction, Computers,
Weapons: Snark & sarcastic wit.
Favorite Slash Pairings: Nick KNight/Lucien Lacroix - FK Nick Knight/Don Skanke -FK Horatio Caaine/Tim Speedle -CSI: Miami Gil Grissom/Horatio Caine -CSI & CSI: Miami Greg Proops/Jeff Davis - WLIIA Greg Proops/Brad Sherwood - WLIIA Mike Logan/Bobby Goren - L&O: CI Bobby Goren/Tom Taylor - L&O: CI & Original Character Bobby Goren/Jimmy Deakins - L&O: CI Rodney McKay/John Sheppard -SGA Rodney/McKay/Radek Zelenka - SGA Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett -SGA Ray Stantz/Egon Spengler - RGB Jim Kirk/Bones McCoy - ST:TOS Colin Mocherie/Greg Proops - WLIIA Gil Grissom/Greg Sanders - CSI Gil Grissom/Nick Stokes - CSI Hannibal Smith/Roderick Decker - TAT Hannibal Smith/HM Murdock -TAT Hannibal Smith/Templeton Peck - TAT Harry Maybourne/Skaa'ra - SG-1 Harry Maybourne/Jack O'Neill - SG-1 Jack O'Neill/Skaa'ra - SG-1 Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson -SG-1 Jack Dalton/MacGyver - MacGyver Jack Dalton/Dexter Fillmore - MacGyver & Original Character Jake Blues/Elwood Blues - Blues Borthers Jim Brass/Gil Grissom -CSI Jim Brass/Greg Sanders -CSI Elrond/Legolas - LOTR Mac Taylor/Bobby Goren - CSI:NY & L&O: CI Mac Taylor/Danny Messer - CSI:NY Mac Taylor/Horatio Caine - CSI:NY & CSI: Miami Peter Venkman/Egon Spengler -RGB MacGyver/Pete Thornton -MacGyver Sam Beckett/Al Calavicci - Quantum Leap Ray Stantz/Peter Venkman -RGB Tom Taylor/Elwood Blues - BB2000 & Org. Char. Tony Slattery/Greg Proops - WLIIA Horatio Caine/Ryan Wolfe - CSI: Miami Jim Kirk/Spock - STTOS Fox Mulder/Walter Skinner - X-Files John Sheppard/Radek Zelenka - SGA John Sheppard/Carson Beckett - SGA Radek Zelenka/Carson Beckett - SGA

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Mood Theme: (Animated) Ashes to Ashes by: in_the_end

Any other credits for brushes, graphics, and other stuff can be found on my personal webpage under acknowledgements once I am finished with the pages.

"howling mad" murdock, "on the jazz", 2/jamie, 2nd doctor, 6th doctor, 7th doctor, al calavicci, al/sam, ancient egyptian beliefs, archer/t'pol, archie bunker's place, atlantis mpreg, aubrey/maturin, barty crouch jr, barty crouch jr/harry, beckett/mckay, beckett/zelenka, beetlejuice, ben stein, bobby goren, brad sherwood, brass/catherine, carson/rodney, catherine and sara, csi, csi slash, csi: miami, csi: new york, darkwing duck, data/lore, david doyle, david mccallum, dean stockwell, det. mike logan, doc/marty, doctor/rose/jack, don schanke, dr. who, dragnet, eames/goren, egyptian wicca, elrond/haldir, elrond/legolas, elwood blues, fifth/master, fifth/turlough, finch/reese, flack/messer, fox mulder, gene hunt, gil grissom, gil/brass, gil/greg, gil/jim, gil/lady heather, gil/nick, gil/nick/greg, goren/logan, great mouse detective, greg proops, greg/brass, grissom slash, grissom/brass, grissom/horatio, grissom/mac, harold finch, harry maybourne, harry/neville, hawkeye/henry, hawkeye/trapper, highlander, horatio caine, horatio/speed, horatio/speedle, house slash, house/wilson, ianto jones, ianto/jack, jack harkness, jack malone, jack o'neill, jack webb, jack/harry, jack/ianto, jack/maybourne, jack/rose, jack/skaa'ra, jack/will, jake/elwood, jeff davis, jim brass, jimmy/bobby, john "hannibal" smith, john reese, k-9, lady heather, law and order ci, lesbian, life on mars uk, lucien lacroix, mac/danny, marty/doc, mckay/beckett, mckay/beckett/zelenka, mckay/sheppard, mckay/zelenka, mcshep, michael emerson, monk/stottlemeyer, mulder/skinner, nicholas knight, nick/brass, norrington, pagan, patrick troughton, picard/q, puzzle pirates, quantum leap, radek zelenka, real ghostbusters, reese/finch, reg barclay, remus lupin, remus/harry, remus/neville, rodney/carson, rose/jack, sam/al, sheppard/mckay, sheppard/mckay/beckett, sheppard/mckay/teyla, sheppard/zelenka, sparrington, speed/horatio, sylvester mccoy, tenth doctor, the nanny, tim speedle, tony slattery, torchwood, turrowton, two/jamie, walter skinner

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